Commission Me

commissions example

   Since starting off, I have always enjoyed creating bespoke pieces to order for those who are looking for something extra special.


    A bespoke sculpture or illustration would be perfect for:   

    • A commemoration of your own home
    • Building which is special to you
    • Friend's house for a birthday gift 
    • Wedding gift
    • Retirement gift
    • Centrepiece for your office or shop
    • Branding and publicity
    • Corporate award
    • Something unique for a valued client
    • Postcards and personalised prints


   After finding out what you have in mind, I will present a few different options for you based on what might work best, and once you have decided, will go on to create the work to whatever timescale and requirements you need.

   For reference materials, I can work from photographs, architectural plans, sketches, drawings, or even a description over the phone!

   Distance is no obstacle, and I have had the pleasure of taking commissions from London, New York, Bermuda and other places across the world.


    Take a look at the 'Customer Feedback' page, as well as some of the commission examples below, and get a taste of what is possible- after that, why not get in touch to discuss your idea, and let me create something special just for you!




   ^ Drawing as a Historic Record    
   Terpersie Castle Illustration, along with x200 greetings cards featuring the same artwork, for the current custodian, the Hon Mrs Forbes-Sempill-Preston
^ A Feature for the Home
Illustration of House and Car, as a focal point for the client's living room- presented in a slim chrome frame with non-reflective glass
Retirement-oil-gas-Talismann^ A Retirement Farewell
Commissioned by Talismann Energy- completed at 2 days notice for a tight deadline
^ As a surprise Anniversary Gift
Chrysler building, New York- original illustration, framed
^ As a commemorative gift 
Bespoke sculpture in handmade presentation box- For a client's friend, to capture his hometown in Germany- text reads 'Pearl of the South- My Hometown'
^ A Special Birthday Gift
'Aberdeen' Sculpture from my City collection, with a personalised engraving
^ ^ For the person who has everything / is difficult to buy for!
Copper sculpture capturing the 'Macallan' whisky distillery, and a range of their bottlings
Promotion & Marketing
^ Brand Promotion / Marketing
Bespoke sculpture for the Tower Bakery- brushed steel sculpture in handmade oak frame- now taking pride of place in their premises!
^ Wedding Anniversary Gift
One off sculpture of the Castle they were married at, with a commemorative engraving
^ Moving out Gift
Original illustration of the client's former flat in London- with x3 full scale prints to gift to her flatmates