'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City

'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City

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This limited-edition Giclée print is part of a collection which brings to life the beautiful and quirky Brownstones of New York City. Each print is signed and numbered by me, comes with a dated certificate of authenticity, and is ready for you to frame. This edition is limited to 95 copies so get them while you can! 

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142 West 75th Street

The solid, masculine basement and entry level of rough-cut Brownstone is offset with delicate panels of carvings depicting ornamental subjects in a flourishing, floral style. You can almost imagine entering a castle or secret cavern, as the deep protrusions of heavy stone and winding route to the main door suggest the path has literally been carved before us. An arch beneath the stairs with decorative grating peeps out at the pavement, hinting at a subterranean world of spaces as yet unseen.

A large bay window overhanging the principal floor harks back to this notion of a world carved from stone, and could just as easily be a rocky promontory on some cliff edge overlooking a deep ravine!

Above this a facade of aged brickwork, all in earthy tones gives a much more subtle character, and leaves behind the 'primitive' character of the base in favour of something more manufactured and precise- the contrast gives these floors a separate character and suggest the functions within are of a different sort. Sandstone elements flank all the openings and allow the carving of reliefs and details, which links the whole design together.

At the top, a deep overhanging cornice of Brownstone finishes of the facade with a nice flourish!


- - - - - - - - - - -THE DRAWING PROCESS - - - - - - - - - - -

Each Townhouse starts life as a scaled set of pencil guidelines which give me the basic layout, after which I start building up layers of shading with drawing pens graded from 0.05mm to 0.5mm- this builds up increasing levels of depth and richness. I then go over each drawing meticulously in pencil to bring in softer mid tones and mimic certain textures in a different way.

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          • Arrives ready to frame
          • High quality Giclee print onto 255gsm Somerset Artist's paper
          •  Detail and texture is equal to the originals
          • Signed by the artist 
          • Edition number
          • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
          • 1-inch clear margin all round 
          • Size in cm- 42(W), x 61(H)
          • Size in inches- 16.5(W) x 24(H)
          • Free UK delivery



'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City
'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City
'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City
'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City
'Rusticated Arches' Townhouse, New York City